Who Is Chi?

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Chiamaka Onuoha, but most people call me Chi. I am 20 years and currently a senior at Rutgers University-New Brunswick majoring in Public Health and minoring in Nutrition. I am from (and was born in) Nigeria and I moved to America when I was almost 8 years old.

I enjoy a lot of things which include sports/ anything to keep me active, reading, fashion (obviously 😂), singing, dancing, and anything new, but relatively safe. I also love puns, but not the cliché ones (unless they are really clever). I love to laugh, which may seem obvious; however, many things do not amuse me so I appreciate those who can put a genuine smile on my face. That’s it for the traditional bio aspects, but more will come as I continue to post and communicate with all of you!

Now on to what most of you are here for: how I got into fashion.

I’ve always loved dressing up and putting outfits together even in times when I didn’t have the money to smell the doorstep of stores like Zara. Three years ago, when I had more money than usual, I would dress in ways I wasn’t comfortable because I wanted boys (& honestly everyone) to know I may be skinny but I was “sexy”. This desire came from being bullied when I first came to America and feeling like I was unattractive, particularly because I’ve always been the skinny, yet muscular black girl. Growing up and even now black girls are known for being curvy, something I am not naturally. I don’t have the butt or the hips or the chest and I just wanted to stop being called “cute”. I don’t find myself struggling with these insecurities on most days (the walk to loving oneself is hard & not always consistent).

It wasn’t until last summer when I told God that I would like to invest in MY style, but with His help, especially because I was just starting to discover who I was without the pressure/desire to please anyone. As broke as I was that summer, I got myself a whole new wardrobe. It’s funny because one of my brothers was starting college that summer and we were doing back-to-school shopping together and he could not understand how I was getting so much stuff with the little I had. That was when I knew God was answering my prayers and giving me a testimony.

My junior year, I got numerous compliments and recognition for my outfits, which was a surprise to me because I thought most of the things in my closet were quite ordinary. I didn’t see what others were so impressed by. This pushed me to make my dream of having fashion as a side hustle a reality. I have learned and am continuing to learn what suits me best and that I am quite talented in styling and designing clothes/outfits. God led me to my passion, hence my tagline: “Faith Led Fashion”.

That is all for now; however, before I end the blog, I want to inform you of some things you can expect on my page…

  1. One posts a week (Mondays) on topics including:
    • Styling
    • Getting to know me
    • Designing
    • Shopping
    • “How to…”
  2. Short blog on the biggest sales bi-weekly
  3. Anything else you all would like to know!
  4. Giveaways!!!!


Thank you so much for your support thus far! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and follow me on all my social media accounts! Welcome to the FLFxChi family! I love you all and remain blessed!💙

11 thoughts on “Who Is Chi?

  1. Yass I’m looking forward to these blogs posts! Can we expect everything on Monday’s ? And for sales could you buy like from those China stores online like Romwe that are cheap I wanna see if they are good or not!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There will be a post on Mondays! The sales and giveaways are going to be in addition to the weekly blogs (since the will not be every week). And I’ve actually shopped at those sites in the past lol so I can definitely do a separate review post on them if that is what you want!?


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