Get Ready to Spend!

Welcome back!

Being a full time college student who loves to shop, I have to take advantage of sales now that I have started to spend more money on things I buy, particularly shoes, jackets, and accessories. I believe no matter how much net worth you acquire, a bargain could never hurt; therefore, to celebrate launch week of my blog, I am bringing to you some of the hottest sales right now, both in places I shop at and ones I don’t but know are popular! I will link and expand on my top 4 right now and link the rest in a list at the end!

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below or message me on any of my social media! If you end up purchasing anything due to this post, let me know because I love to hear back from you all! If you post a picture with the item you purchased use the hashtag “#flfxchi” so that I can find you!

Happy Hunting!


New Balance

Right now, my favorite lifestyle sneaker brand is having a semi-annual sale! I love their designs and how classic the sneakers look.

Tip: For all my short girls with big feet (I’m 5’4” with size 9.5 feet), their sneaker design helps to shorten the way your feet look so it looks more proportional!



I am in love with this store! It isn’t always a perfect fit because I am short and their pants tend to drown me; however, I know how to hem things so I don’t mind too much. The price range can be quite jarring for a college student, so I encourage you all to take advantage of this sale because they only have a sale 2x a year (the next one will be around New Years).




The lingerie, workout, and lounge sister of American Eagle is an all-time favorite of mine! They have great quality stuff and they are ALWAYS having sales so it is definitely the more affordable alternative to Victoria Secret. If you decide to commit to them, join their rewards program, it’s free!



Recently, I started investing in my skin care and it is paying off because I get so many comments on how good my skin looks. Many people ask me if I have make up on and I have to convince them that there is nothing on me. I also use them for my foundation which works exceptionally well on my OD oily skin! They are having a 25% off, you get 15% off your first order, and a variety of free gifts is included depending on the price of your purchase! Eeeeeee!

Other sales to check out:

  1. Michael Kors
  2. Asos (students get an additional 10% off)
  3. Boohoo
  4. Victoria Secret
  5. Aldo
  6. American Apparel
  7. Baublebar (jewelry)
  8. Tommy Hilfiger
  9. H&M
  10. PrettyLittleThing (students get an additional 20% off)

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