Hair: What’s the Big Deal Anyway?

Welcome back! Today we’re talking about hair. I grew up wearing the same hairstyles most black/African girls wear; however, my sophomore year of high school (winter 2012), I wanted to cut my hair. I was worried It wouldn’t suit me, providing people with more reasons to make fun of me and as crazy as itContinue reading “Hair: What’s the Big Deal Anyway?”

5 Tips on Starting/Rebuilding Your Wardrobe

Welcome back loves! Today I’ll be giving some advice on how to rebuild/start building your wardrobe especially on a strict budget. Do your research ahead of time. This is the part of fashion most people don’t do; however, it is vital because it reduces the chances of wasting any money. Research allows you to knowContinue reading “5 Tips on Starting/Rebuilding Your Wardrobe”