Classic or Trendy?

Welcome back family! This blog is dedicated to my style evolution.

In my first blog post, “Who is Chi?”, I talked about how I have always been interested in fashion and style; however, it wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I started to “look nice”. Although I don’t have any pictures due to being camera shy, I still remember my first day of school outfit that year. I had my natural hair blown-out and wore a teal blue blouse, jeans, and white Keds with teal laces to match the blouse…it was a cute outfit, but the mind that put it together was unhealthy.

I never wore t-shirt and sweats/jeans because I felt too ugly to pull it off; I wore only bold/bright colors & prints in order to feel attractive. I couldn’t leave the house without earrings and statement jewelry because a girl, in middle school, told me that maybe if I started wearing more jewelry I wouldn’t look so much like a boy. My hair was natural, but always had to be done or else I would be paranoid about my appearance. I had put outfits together and made people think I was confident; however, I craved track meet days because I could wear my track suit, my brief escape from the facade.

Fast forward to today, I rarely wear bold/bright colors. I prefer whites and colors on the light end of the color wheel (blues, pinks, greys, etc). I can walk out of the house without earrings. I cut my hair (my sophomore of high school), and have been keeping it short since my senior year because less is more for me and I’ve never felt more beautiful. I like structured garments, which I formerly avoided in hopes I wouldn’t be mistaken for a guy. I don’t wear sweats, but that’s because I don’t like them. Sadly, I still find it hard to wear a t-shirt and jeans as an outfit because of some lingering insecurities.

My style leans towards more of a classic, capsule wardrobe look, BUT with a twist. I wouldn’t use words like chic or street or vintage because I believe I can wear anything as far as I’m comfortable in it. I like to add splashes of color with my shoes & bags. I like print in my jackets, bags & other accessories. I prefer dainty jewelry and don’t own statement jewelry. When I get my nails done, it is a neutral color (pale pinks, tans, etc). I indulge in trends as far as I feel comfortable.

I don’t hide who I am behind fashion; I use fashion to tell the world who I am. That is what fashion should be, an extension of personality, NOT a means to hide the wonderful & unique you God made! It is not about what you wear, but why you wear it.

Below are a few pictures I think best encompasses my sense of style today (from spring to winter)! For where I got each piece, head to my Instagram!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How would you describe your sense of style? Leave some answers, questions, & feedback in the comments or contact me privately on my IG! I would really love to hear from you! 💙

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