Asian Stores: The New Wave?

Hello loves & welcome back to my blog!

Three years ago, I decided to build the wardrobe of my dreams and thought more clothes meant I was better at fashion so, I shopped at Romwe & SheIn among other stores. Back then, I knew nothing about fabrics, investing in quality, or even the type of look I wanted. I remember that SheIn, on average, was the more expensive among the 2 stores, which is still the case today. I purchased 30 clothing pieces from both stores combined, but I only have 1 of those items to this day.

Why did only one clothing item make it to my current wardrobe?


I have my measurements taken often because as a Nigerian, I enjoy wearing Ankara clothing which is usually designed by me and therefore, are made from scratch. I can also take my own measurement because I know the basics on sewing allowing me to have my bust, waist, hips, arm and leg lengths measurements ready. Imagine my surprise when I received all the bottoms I ordered and only one of them fit. The arm length of all the tops and jackets came up too short.


The threading on all the items were crooked and not very secure; but, I can recall two specific instances of poor quality. I had ordered two jeans from Romwe that were the same size and style but in different washes; however, not only did one of them come up far too short and tight, the zipper was broken when I received it. Although the other one fit and seemed decent initially, there was also a zipper malfunction (not associated with anything I did). In another instance, one of the light jackets I had purchased from SheIn had such poor stitching in the lining that it tore soon after purchase.

My overall advice would be to dabble only if you have the money to risk; however, if it is your first time shopping on these sites, don’t buy too many things at once. If you’re taller than me (I’m 5’4″), items may be too short on your limbs. If you’re in the market for quality, don’t bother with Romwe or SheIn. Lastly, due to the slight price increase since I last shopped at the 2 stores, it is wiser to shop at PrettyLittleThing, Forever 21, & Fashion Nova. This way returns are little easier, sizing is more accurate, and you stand a slightly better chance of scoring some quality items on these sites.

It was fun to review these 2 sites! If there any other places you are interested in, let me know! I will always give you my honest opinion!

Any specific questions you may have don’t hesitate to leave a comment or reach out to me privately on Instagram or Facebook! Have a blessed week! 💙

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