My First Ever Vacation!

Chicago, Chicagooooo!IMG_2137Let us start with some background… Growing up, my family never went on vacation due to lack of finances. In addition, I usually dread my birthday because I have never felt celebrated, especially by my own family, sometimes friends and family forget my birthday, and I used to have suicidal thoughts. 

I cannot remember when the idea came to mind, but I knew I wanted to celebrate my birthday in a significant way this year. It is part of my journey towards accepting the love God has for me and self-love. So I took a trip. After going back and forth, I picked Chicago.

IMG_1702The city is beautiful; although it is expensive due to a tax on everything, even down to plastic bags when you go shopping. The people are extremely nice, always willing to lend a helping hand and give tips. The food is wonderful! My favorite food places were Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe, Pinstripes, & Nando’s. There is so much to see and do, from the main touristy things to the simple stuff. Chicago’s public transportation system is quite intricate, connected, and affordable! Honestly, I would love to come back again because there is much to appreciate and take in, a week wasn’t enough time.


I left the city with a multitude of fond memories, however, my top 2 would have to be the entire second day spent in the city and church on my birthday.

Day two consisted ofIMG_1911 going to the beach, seeing around the navy pier, and bowling. It sounds like a relaxed day, but I was in a great mood and everything we did was enjoyable (the simple things in life satisfy me more than extravagance). We bowled and ate dinner at the same place because the atmosphere and staff were top notch. Church, especially one where the Holy Spirit is in, always makes me happy and for some reason, I really felt God’s love for me strongly in All Nations Worship Assembly!

I have a few regrets. One, I should have done more research on the city in general so I IMG_0003would have known about stuff like the taxing system and the transportation system. Two, I should have spent more time with God each day because I was in a poor mood due to it being so close to my birthday. I feel bad because it may have taken away from my friend’s experience during the trip and it definitely took away from mine. Spending time with God, calms me down and puts me in a healthy mindset, because where The Holy Spirit dwells there is peace, life, and joy, the three things I especially needed for that week. Lastly, I would not have had a shopping day at all because in my opinion, it wasn’t worth it and that time could have been better spent.

I know now, that this is the life I want to live going forward. I don’t know when the next trip will be, but there will be one! In the future, I want my children to be able to say they took a trip to somewhere new every year, both for fun and to increase their social capital. I thank God for making this happen and my friend for coming with me!

For my next trip, where should I go? Leave me some suggestions in the comments or dm me on Instagram! Enjoy the rest of your week! 💙

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