Autumn/Winter 2018 Trends

Fall is almost upon us and new Autumn/Winter (A/W) collections have filled up many stores (high-street & designer alike) to remind us of just that. Today, I bring you some of the top trends of the A/W season. For every trend mentioned, there will be a short blurb, a picture for representation, and store(s) I believe have nailed the trend with the pieces currently in stock. My overall tips for rocking trends are try something new, have fun, and combine trends!

Animal in Blog

Release the Animal Within

Soon enough you will begin to see many people wearing animal print, particularly snake and leopard prints, but not limited to those two. Technically this trend never goes out of style, but with this new season it is coming out of the background and into a spotlight of its own. This year especially, you will see more dresses, tops, jackets, and pants in animal print.


Forever 21

Western in Blog

The Frontier is Everywhere

Another big trend for the A/W 2018 collection is western-style themed outfit pieces. I have seen many shoes in the western style before now; however, the trend is expanding into the tops, belts, and jackets. Fringes will be a big indication of this trend in certain stores in case the western style is right up your alley.

Urban Outfitters has some western-style accessories

Coats for Blog

1 Coat, 2 Coat, 3 Coat, 4

Layering comes naturally as the weather gets colder; however, instead of just layering a jacket on top of a sweater, we’re going to be seeing multiple coats/jackets being worn on top of each other. For instance, we might see a rain jacket or parka being worn underneath a teddy bear coat. I mean of you’re going to layer, might as well take it to the extreme. This is me in a trend because I am always cold.

Any store that sells a variety of coats will do for this trend. You can just pick out a bunch and begin the layering adventure!

Forever 21



Leather in Blog

All Leather Everything

A leather jacket will never go out of style, but designers took another classic, timeless idea and expanded it. For the upcoming season, be ready to see or wear some leather dresses in an edgy twist to an otherwise conventional style.

High street stores don’t quite have this trend nailed yet.

Scarf in Blog

Scarf, Shirt, Dress, Oh my!

Silk scarves are back except now they’re in the form of tops and dresses. I personally find this trend very intriguing because silk usually isn’t used to make clothes for the colder months. I can imagine there will be a large amount of layering associated with this trend as well! You see how trends are already mixing?!?!



Forever 21

There are so many more trends; however, this post would never end if I were to speak on all of them. If you would like to see a continuation post, let me know in the comments or on my social media! Enjoy the rest of your week and may your creative juices start flowing! Love you all!💙

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