Inspiration: The Simi Edit

Many people ask me what inspires me and my response has always been, “everyday people”. It’s the same when it come to fashion and so I would like to introduce you to a dear friend who is one of my style inspos.

I met Similoluwa Jinadu the summer of 2014 during a church camp. From the moment I saw her, I thought, I wish I could be like her. She always looked good and due to my insecurities at that time, I envied her. I felt if I could just dress like her then maybe I’ll be as pretty as her.

As I’ve grown and healed, I learned that she’s just being herself and expressing herself through her style. She doesn’t do it to one-up anyone or imitate anyone at the cost of losing herself. That’s one of the ways she inspires me—get to know yourself, love yourself, be yourself, and you will look stunning in anything you wear. Watching her taught me to use fashion as an extension of my personality.

Simi, continue to be yourself and may God continue to use you to bless girls like me! Thank you for supporting me and being so willing to be a part of this project!

Here are Simi’s thoughts on fashion & some of her favorite looks:

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Q: Are you into fashion? If yes, what’s your opinion on fashion?

Am I?! Yes girl, extremely! Fashion is the best way for me to express myself without the need of words. It represents life.

Q: How would you best describe your personal style? 

One day, I’m a girly girl, the next, I’m a tomboy, another day, I’m a mom with 2 children, and another, I think I’m Rihanna. I would describe my personal style as a melting pot. I do not have one concrete style. I consider myself very unpredictable, which makes everything more fun! I can throw on a fitted dress with some heels and be a girly girl on Monday, but on Tuesday with army cargos, a loose tee, and sneakers on, I’m a tomboy. On Wednesday I wrap iro and buba to represent my home country, Nigeria…should I continue?! According to everyone else, I’m “extra”; however, I like to consider that a good thing! What’s the point of fashion if you can’t change it up every second, minute, hour, or day?

Q: Have you always known what your personal style is? 

Maybe I’ve not always known what my personal style is, but I know I’ve always wanted to show people the real Simi through my style. I began discovering my personal style when I started to understand who I was as an individual. I’m fun, outgoing, confident, and bold, so my style is exactly that.

6 thoughts on “Inspiration: The Simi Edit

  1. I just think embracing fashion and just writing more and more about it is so inspiring and just basically learning about different styles and just being authentic and creative about it is so much fun. I myself am an addict when it comes to fashion, I just love trying out new ideas and go crazy with my outfit ideas

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  2. You girls are very beautiful in your own unique ways! Your fashion sense only tells the world what makes you unique and special! You are God’s own angels and He will continue make you to be the unique and special angels you are!


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