Inspiration: The Daniel Edit

One thing I am especially drawn to in a person is the willingness to be themselves, without caring what others think. This is who Daniel strikes me as. I met Daniel my sophomore year of college, his freshman year, & all I could think was, this is the flyest guy ever, bruh.

In the society we live in, I believe it is especially difficult for men to be themselves through fashion because the rules are a lot more strict when it comes to what they can wear. When a guy is very bold & flamboyant in their style, certain labels are placed on them; and I am certain even knowing this, Daniel did not let it stop him. I am thankful for this because I have learned much from simply watching him especially when he’s in his custom fits. He creates things I would never have thought of, and as an aspiring designer, who one day hopes to be able to design for men as well, I am learning so much.

My guy does it all! There is nothing he cannot wear and I mean WEAR! For anyone who doesn’t know Daniel personally, you will see what I mean in his pictures at the end of this post. He is another person who has inspired me to let my style unapologetically reflect my personality. I would say, for the most part, our styles are opposites because as I stop caring less and less about impressing others, my personal style leans towards simple and elegant; however, just because someone is different from you doesn’t mean they have nothing to teach you.

Enough of me talking, let us hear from the man himself:


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Q: Are you into fashion? If yes, what’s your opinion on fashion?

I am very much into fashion. Fashion to me is all about personality. One can express their personality through the various amounts of outfits a person can put together. For example, I usually dress loudly in a sense where I can walk into a room and my outfit will literally speak for itself.

Q: How would you best describe your personal style?

My personal style is all over the place. I experiment frequently through different types of styles depending on how I’m feeling. One day I can feel like wearing 90’s attire while the next day, causal, then African, and etc. I would say though, my African culture has a big influence on my personal style since I love to make custom fits. I literally can’t go a week without wearing one Africana and I have no shame at that.

Q:Have you always known what your personal style is?

I discovered my style probably when I first entered high school. I just loved the whole ankara world and how African attire was becoming so popular out of nowhere, as if Africans didn’t have ankara for ages lol. Growing up African, no matter what country you’re from, we’ve all had clothes tailored for us. Becoming a teenager and being able to design my own attire made me desire to continue and I wouldn’t want to stop. I’ve also tried different types of fabrics other than ankara including brocade, silk, and satin for example; truth be told, the finished products were amazing.

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