Adelano, An Inspiration

Hey ChiStyles family, my name is Adelano. On social media I go by @yoru_prince.  I’m a 24 year old grad student at Kean University obtaining my Masters in Public Health Administration after receiving my B.S in Applied Kinesiology at Rutgers University. I am also a growing influencer with a passion for quality clothes and media spanning across music and the arts.

When did you start getting into fashion?

Since I was young I always had an allure with dressing well, although growing up in a Nigerian household you have very little influence on your style especially when your the middle child of 5. Fast-forward 2 decades later to my junior year in college when I’m starting to really find myself in all aspects of my life. I remember hanging around my close friend Kevin Coleman (@bykevincoleman), who is a dope designer and stylist.  Being around him constantly made me reflect on my own wardrobe and how it used to take great prominence in my life. It was in these days that I reinvented my style with a few dollars I had saved  and a lot of thrift stores and online startups. It’s funny because even through our styles are very different he was part of the reason I was able to re-discover my own look.

Why do you like fashion so much?

I like fashion because there’s no real wrong answer. When I say that, I mean we all have fits and looks we like, don’t like, couldn’t pull off, just wouldn’t wear. Despite all these different categories there’s no outfit I believe is wrong to wear. I personally believe there are outfits that are wrong for you. So the ability to express yourself with no real wrong answer is empowering to me.

What does style/fashion mean to you?

My style and fashion to me is the look I create. People who have style are people who look for pieces to their own puzzle. I don’t necessarily have to like someone’s outfits to know they have style. Their style is theirs and they live by it, they create looks through it. So I envision style as a persons’ construction or setup of the way they like to customize clothes for wearing.

What’s your favorite thing about fashion?

Some of my favorite things about fashion are:

  • It will never run out of style.
  • Seeing people create looks that I wouldn’t think to make or even fathom on first look.

How would you define you personal style? 

A 90s base inspiring and currently adding high fashion accessories.

Who are some of your fashion/style inspiration? 

I don’t really have any fashion or style inspirations but someone whose fits and visuals of them I think are dope is joeybada**.

Do you agree that you’re good at rocking streetwear?

I believe I’m decent, I have a lot of room for growth which is exciting, motivating, and kind of frightening. Because I know there is work to be done so I can achieve the potential that is in my mind.

Do you have any tips for others interested in streetwear?

Tips, hmm, I don’t really think I’m in a place to give tips as I’m still learning; although the one thing I will say is, be yourself, wear what you like, make it your own, and make it nice.

If you believe in God, what has fashion revealed to you about God? How do you honor God with your style/fashion?

Fashion has revealed the extent of creativity God has allowed us to reach and it is mind boggling. The way people think and create clothes, looks, runways, lines, and aesthetics is something incredible.

I try to honor God with my fashion by keeping him relevant in the platforms he has blessed me with. Stages like @creating.while.christian with my boy @iambkem a dope creative. Posting scriptures, and biblical readings I find interesting and entertaining on my mediums. I am imperfect so I don’t always succeed, but I know without a doubt that the blessings that fashion and the spotlights that have come with it, are all from God.

I would like to thank ChiStyles for the opportunity to be a part of this blog.

You all can follow my journey on @yoru_prince on all media.

And also tune in to a show I co-host called @creating.while.chrisitan on… Instagram and YouTube!

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