This Is How I Fight My Battles by Briana Bennett

Today, we have Briana Bennett joining us on ChiStlyes! I am so excited for her to share her battle strategy with us. I hope you are as blessed & comforted as I was reading this!

I believe I can speak for everyone when I say that 2020 has been a task. Although we have plenty of time to turn this year into the best one of our lives, recent stresses such as the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic and the expectation to exist remotely makes optimism an uphill battle. Thankfully, Chiamaka has made it her business to use this platform to uplift you all during this hard time through her new series This is How I Fight My Battles.

Before digging any deeper into the battles of life, I find it necessary to introduce myself and explain why I’ve been called to speak to you today. My name is Briana Bennett and I am a lifestyle blogger, entrepreneur and full time student. I am enthused to be participating in this series because along with Chiamaka, I want to help all of you channel your inner warrior and conquer the battles that arise in day to day life.  In the following paragraphs I will be sharing the battle strategies I employ in my life when things get challenging and hopefully these techniques can help you combat yours. 

  1. I write. 
    • Writing out the people, things and situations that trigger me provides the opportunity for me to vent privately and see exactly what things are problematic in my life. Doing so helps me pinpoint the things that cause disruption and makes developing a game plan to address the problems easier and more effective. 
  2. I pray. 
    • Let Go and Let God has been my mantra here lately. I have found that when my life is under attack, consulting with God restores my faith and motivation to confront the trials before me. Whether you enjoy prayer or meditation, stepping away from the battle and putting it above you can bring forth guidance and clarity. 
  3. I listen. 
    • Music has been a form of escapism for me for as long as I can remember, and listening to songs that speak to me during troubling times has always been therapeutic. I curate different playlists that cater to an array of vibes and feelings so that I can pull from them when I need to change my spirits. When I am confronting a battle, I find myself playing my workout playlist because the same pumped up mentality I get from music when I need to get through a workout can be the same music I use to get through a breakthrough! Check out the playlist here!
  4. I change locations. 
    • Switching up my environment helps me switch up my state of mind. When I feel defeated or discouraged, accessing a new location helps me shake my negative thoughts and feelings so I can regroup and recenter. I usually visit a park or take a walk, but since we are still in quarantine, ditching my bedroom for the porch has been having to suffice. 
  5. I clean. 
    • The battle method I use most often is cleaning. Cleaning is a chore to many people, but for me it is a very necessary step in being productive. I firmly believe that one can’t organize their life if they are trying to do so in an unorganized space, and I realized that getting rid of physical mess makes it easier to remove emotional and internal mess as well. 

….one can’t organize their life if they are trying to do so in an unorganized space, and….getting rid of physical mess makes it easier to remove emotional and internal mess as well.

As this post comes to a close, I want you all to take away that battles will come your way but you are more than capable of coming out on top! If you plan on trying any of my battle strategies give this post a like and don’t forget to join the conversation and share some of your battle strategies in the comments below. Stay tuned for the remainder of this series and feel free to connect with me on my instagram @_TheBarbLife or message me on my blog at Stay safe and keep fighting!


2 thoughts on “This Is How I Fight My Battles by Briana Bennett

  1. Briana, what a dynamic strategy to take hold of in tuff times. It can be easy to fall prey to the temptation of flesh and act out of character but to strategize a plan…sounds like a ready warrior and a soldier equipped for battle.


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