God Brought The Calvary

Y’all, I cannot believe that we are already on week 5 of these series. Today, we have Mayowa, aka God’s Jiggiest Servant, joining us on ChiStlyes! I am excited for him to share his voice and perspective with us. I hope it resonates with you!


Lol what’s going on with all of you beautiful people!? My name is Samuel or Mayowa or Sam or Sammy whatever yaw wanna do lol. First and foremost, we wanna bless God for this amazing woman of God, Chiamaka, and what she has going on! 

Okay so boom, in life, I believe there’s a right way and a wrong way to do everything; and for a long time, I was doing things the wrong way. In every situation, I chose to consult myself before trying to solve a problem. I was influenced by a bunch of different things that didn’t align with the will of God which landed me in unideal situations. I’m not too sure when it started, but I was young and confrontation became a thing I desired in life. It didn’t matter who it was, my peers, teachers, strangers, and even my parents (lol youngins really used to be buggin out). I remember getting kicked out of school in 7th grade for an accumulation of a ridiculous amount of disrespect to the staff and my fellow classmates. I used to take any offense, big or small, and blow it completely out of proportion because I felt like I always needed to defend myself or maintain a super tough-guy persona. 

One thing I’ve learned about fighting battles, it’s very important to go into battle with the right weapons, rather than grabbing a bunch of weapons you see laying around because you may end up grabbing weapons that ultimately hurt you just as much as it hurts your “opponent”. I realized as I got older that I was doing a lot of damage to myself. I was single-handedly ruining relationships in my life and subconsciously forfeiting myself out of good opportunities due to my behavior. I created this narrative in my mind that my response to offense must always match or surpass what I felt was done to me and used it to justify my actions. Even as a son of pastors and being aware about God from childhood, none of that mattered at the time. I was literally stuck in my ways. 

It wasn’t until I hit a point in my life where the weapons I was using seemed to do more damage than anything else, at that point, I slowly began to truly surrender my life over to God. Prior to this, it was as if God and I were on the same team, but I never passed Him the ball and I wouldn’t listen to any of His advice. As a result, the battles I was in always resulted in losses, a whole lot of losses. Imagine the best player on your team never getting to really show his/her talent because the team (me) doesn’t believe in him/her. Eventually, God was really the only option on how to win. One of my favorite preachers, Uncle Matthew Stevenson said something before, “a lot of people always pray for certain things instead of just praying for the presence of God, because with the presence of God comes everything that you need”. When I heard that, I was blown away, lol, and as I started to surrender, inviting God into my life more, my community and my counsel changed entirely. This is where my weapons started to change. 

“a lot of people always pray for certain things instead of just praying for the presence of God, because with the presence of God comes everything that you need”

Dr. Matthew Stevenson

I was being surrounded by people who saw something in me that resembled what God saw and they never hesitated to let me know if I was doing something contrary to God’s will which resulted in a change to my fighting style. Of course prior to that, there were good, Godly people in my life but I guess I just wasn’t in a place to receive anything they were trying to tell me. My community now has literally changed my life and I’m so thankful and grateful to God because I don’t even deserve those amazing people. Now, when I’m faced with offense, I give it to God. When there’s anger, I give it to God. Whatever it is that’s going on, I give it to God or I do my best to. What’s dope about this new way of fighting my battles is that I’m no longer fighting alone. The community God has brought me into literally fights with me on a daily basis. 

The way I fight my battles now: me, God, and my community vs the nonsense. My advice would be to ask God to surround you with people who see in you what He sees in you. Being around the right people can change everything. Please don’t wait until you hit that low place in life before you change your weapons, let God change everything today.

I love all of you unconditionally, yeah even you guys who I don’t know…I love you too! Don’t let the hood change you, change the hood! May God continue to bless us all and thank you so much Chiamaka!

God’s Jiggiest Servant

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