In These Here United States

“The United States of America.”

What a powerful name to hold, and how disappointing to fall short of it…again. If there is one thing 2020 has revealed, it is that America does not live up to its name. We cannot even come together, without succumbing to fear, to fight for each other’s health and well-being amidst a pandemic. How can we be united when we don’t love our neighbors? How can we love our neighbors when we don’t know our neighbors and we don’t care to know them? Unity requires agreement, but we can’t even agree on how a human being is supposed to be treated. So, what exactly are we united on? 

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men [humans] are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights…”

History shows that although these words were written to serve as the foundation on which America was to be built, the authors didn’t include the poor, women, and black people; but, why should this be the case in 2020? Furthermore, in the same piece of document, it states that a government exists solely to serve its citizens and, in the instance that it fails in its duties, it is within the rights of the citizens to implement a new structure. Why are we not allowed to do just this in 2020? 

“The greatest country in the world.”

What a powerful name to hold, and how disappointing to fall short of it…always. Our country is where perfect theory meets poor execution. The organization is bad, but so are the organisms. There is no one, no thing, innocent across the land. DESPITE all this, I believe in a God that promises us new hearts, hearts after His. I believe in a God that breathes life into dry bones. A God that wants every person, nation, and tongue to praise Him in unity. A just God who delights in showing mercy. A God that gave His life for everyone because He loves everyone. A God that is pleased with the way He created each and every one of us. Yes, that includes my fellow Black people in America and all over the world.

To my fellow Christians,

We are essential in times like these. Before we decree and declare unity over the land, we need to be united as one body, the only bride of Christ. May we not grieve the Holy Spirit through false, incomplete representation of Christ. May we realize that what America needs is for God’s will to be done Earth as it is in Heaven. At the end of 2019, I heard from God that in 2020, things would begin to shift. I can now clearly see what He meant. No longer are we satisfied with evil, division, selfishness, lukewarm-ness, sin, and death (the spiritual kind). America is crying out, again, and God seeks out who He can send. Will we align with Him? Will we answer, “Here I am. Send me!”? Remember that racism and hate is the natural manifestation of the spiritual operations of the devil. Non-believers will rightfully fight with natural weapons, but the establishment of the new foundation needed, the foundation that can never be torn down, will be a result of the spiritual operations of the Bride of Christ.

With love,


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